Design Guide: Flat Cut Metal

This guide is here to assist you in creating artwork that meets our minimum design specifications for a flat cut metal project. To quickly navigate to a specific section, click the links below. 

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Minimum Serif

All gauges: 0.080 in



Minimum Stroke

All gauges: 0.125 in



Minimum Sizes

Smallest letter 0.75 in
Smallest letters and pieces for welded studs 3.0 in



Minimum Opening

Unpainted, all gauges 0.050 in
Painted, all gauges 0.075 in
Any reverse cut text 0.075 in




Fillet Radius

All corners when over 2 in h 0.025 in
Inside corners only when under 2 in h 0.025 in




Mounting Stroke

Double faced tape 0.25 in
6-32 studs 0.25 in
10-24 studs 0.300 in
1/4-20 studs 0.500 in
Welded studs 0.500 in




Taping Size Limit

  Aluminum Brass, Bronze, Copper Stainless Steel
1/8" 24"h 14"h 14"h
1/4" 17"h 10"h 9"h
3/8" 13"h 8"h 8"h
1/2" 12"h 7"h 7"h
3/4" 9"h 5"h n/a
1" 8"h n/a n/a






Aluminum Size Limit

1/8 in 46.5 in x 48 in
1/4 in +  46.5 in x 95 in



Other Finish Limits

Horizontal:  72 in w
Vertical: 72 in h
Anodized: 46.5 in x 84 in 
Oxidized & Patinas: 29 in x 29 in




Polishing Limit

All gauges 
Must fit in 30 in circle




Decorative Standoffs

Thru hole for 1/2 in diameter 0.41 in
Thru hole for 1 in diameter 0.53 in


All artwork is reviewed by Gemini before ordering. If modifications are required on submitted artwork, a Gemini team member will work with you to find a solution. If you have questions about your artwork, please contact us through your Partner Portal account.


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