Seals and Circular Plaques

What are seals and circular plaques?

Seals and circular plaques are most common for military and government designs. They are available in bronze and aluminum. Standard depths are only available for government seals due to stock production methods. Circular plaques can have modified overall depths depending on the size of the plaque.

UV Colorlast printed government seals, for a multi-color option, are produced as precision tooled plaques and are available in sizes 16 inches up to 36t inches. Other seals can be manufactured for additional costs. 


Cast government seals include:

03-Bronze-Army Sculpted_NavySeal 02-Bronze-Marine-Corps SealAirForce 04-Bronze-Coast-Guard
Army Navy* Marines Air Force Coast Guard




Homeland Plaque


POW Plaque


veteran plaque


Space Force

Merchant Marines Department of Homeland Security POW/MIA Department of Veterans Affairs Space Force
*Sculpted relief shown

Note: Flat relief cast government seals are available in select sizes at 10 inch diameter up to 96 inch diameter. Sculpted relief cast government seals are available in select sizes at 16 inch diameter to up 48 inch diameter.

Note: When you order government seals, we are of the understaning that you have all the required rights in place for us to produce your project as requested.

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