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LED Package

Does lit signage come with an LED package?

Our illuminated letters come with an LED package. Our LED package includes the following: 

  • UL listed with sign section labels, lead wires and cables, and power supplies 
  • Standard leads are 2-wire on metal and plastic letters; 10-foot-long wire and cables. 
  • Optional longer leads or individual wires are available 
  • Systems are 12VDC, Class 2 power supplies 
  • Wiring diagrams and instructions are provided with LED lit sets 
  • UL label location – optional location per customer request 
  • Appropriate mounting hardware and installation pattern 
  • Five-year warranty on Gemini electrical components

Items needed to place an order with LEDs:

  • Please note:
    • Color of the LEDs needed.
    • Where the UL Labels should be placed.
    • Where the lead cable wire holes should be placed.
    • The installation location.
    • If the installation location is within 50 miles of saltwater. 
    • The number of installation locations for the project.

Note: Fabricated stainless steel and fabricated aluminum letters can be prepped for LED lighting but not include an LED package if requested. 

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