Gemini's Signage Glossary

Here is a comprehensive list of frequently used terms at Gemini. To quickly navigate to a specific section, simply click on the corresponding letter.

T U V W    



Word Definition
ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: .030 ABS is laminated to the backs of our display FOAM letters. 
Accents Brand product of our Duets engraving stock sheet - sold through distribution partners. Single-ply acrylic sheet.
Acrylic A petroleum-based plastic user for flat cut acrylic letters.
Acrylic Cement A cement used to bond acrylic to acrylic. 
Acrylic Polyurethane A type of paint that is made from a combination of acrylic resins and polyurethane resins. This is the paint that Gemini uses. 
ADA Plaques "Americans with Disabilities Act" requires signage to be compliant for conveniently located and easy to read for disabled persons. Plaques need to be read as clear visual with contrasting colors and also with tactile touch with braille. 
Adhesive Substance used to bond pieces or surfaces.
Alloy A mixture of more than one element.
Aluminum A silver, lightweight metal used in cast metal and flat cut metal products.
Aluminum Foil  Thin aluminum used in GemTrim to allow for the material to bend and hold its shape.
Anodic A hardened finish produced by anodizing aluminum letters.
Anodizing An electro-chemical process to convert the surface of aluminum to hard aluminum oxide.
Art Files Computer files of vector art to be used for custom letters and logos.
Artwork Drawings, renderings, custom styles, and logos created by artists or designers.
Ascenders  Portions of letters rising above the average baseline of copy. Example: with a "b or h."
Average Width  A calculation of letter width that best represents the left-to-right size of any single character.



Word Definition
Baked Enamel Oven-cured, oil-based paint. All of Gemini's paint finishes are baked enamel. 
Bar Stock  Stocked lengths of thin metal in a variety of thicknesses, used as underlines of copy. 
Bas Relief A traditional portrait that is sculpted, cast, and then applied to a plaque. An artist uses a photo of a person to create a subjective rendering in a mold material as a relief that would project from the background of a plaque. The result is a type of 3D effect on the plaque as a sculpting/carving. 
Bead Blast A high-pressure system that shoots small glass beads at a piece of metal to provide an even, slightly textured, matte finish.
Blind Stud  An industry standard term used for plaques for the use of studs (all-thread). Also called “Blind Mount”/”Hidden Mount”/”Pin Mount” as a method used instead of screws.
Block(s)  Threaded plastic pieces, round or rectangular, glued to the backs of letters to receive studs. 
Borders  Lines on the face of plaques near the edge. Encompasses the entire body of copy.
Bottom Rail Standard mounting option where letters are bottom mounted to a flat horizontal bar or C-channel.
Brass  An alloy of copper, zinc, and tin used to make flat cut metal letters or plaques. 
Brick Mount A term describing the alignment of mountings (or stud holes) so they are in line for brick mortar joints.
Bronze  An alloy of copper and zinc used to make flat cut metal letters, cast metal letters, and plaques.
Brushed  A standard finish for metal letters and plaques, produced by belt sanding the letter face in a uniform direction. 
Buffing  A finishing process used as the final step in producing a near polish finish in cast aluminum letters or plaques. 
Buffed A metal finish for cast aluminum to create a semi-polished finish. 
Bullet A round disc used to separate words on a sign.
Butyrate Short for CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate). A wood and cotton fiber plastic resin, used to make a sheet of formed plastic, slotted, or injection molded letters. 



Word Definition
C-Channel Extruded 6063 aluminum channel in the shape of a "C", used to attach letters to for mounting to walls. 
CAB Cellulose Acetate Butyrate. A wood and cotton fiber plastic resin, used to make a sheet of formed plastic or injection molded letters. 
Cabinets Storage boxes used to hold sets of pronto changeable letters.
Caduceus A symbol with a staff and two entwined snakes, symbolizing a physician.
Can A deep, hollow letter with a wide stroke designed to hold lights (LED or neon).
Cast A metal letter produced from molten metal. 
Cast Plaque Creating a metal plaque with the use of a mold pattern pressed into sand, and then filled with molten metal ingot. 
Catalyst  A substance used to increases the rate of a chemical reaction process.
Cellulose A complex carbohydrate of the cell walls of plants used as the core of our CAB plastic.
Center Mortar Center of the mortar (CM) used on bricks and blocks. 
Ceramic Insert An insert that can be applied to a plaque, typically a photo image.
Changeable Copy Letters that can be interchanged to spell different words on a sign.
Change Arms  Telescoping poles with heads that are used to move (install) changeable copy letters on a sign. 
Chank Fonts Font styles designed by Chank.
Channel Letters Deep metal or plastic letter cans that allow the use of LEDs or neon to illuminate.
Chemcalc A brand name of a silicone adhesive used in standard letter installations. 
CHEMETAL A company that produces metal laminate sheets.
Clear Coating A protective coating of clear paint applied to the face and returns of letters and plaques.
Clips Bent pieces of stainless steel used to hold metal Snap-lok Hbars to mounting surface (bar clips). Discontinued 3/2022.
Co-extrusion A plastic extrusion process by which two layers of plastic sheet are permanently fused together. 
Colorant A powdery organic substance used to colorize plastic resin.
Combination Mounting for plastic letters using a stud through pad on the letter top and pad on the bottom.
Combination All Mounting for plastic letters using a stud through pad on all mountings.
Condensed Refers to reducing the width of a letter style so each letter is not as wide.
Conduit Metal electrical pipe that can be used as a tieback for bottom mounted letters.
Connected Script Script style letters that are made joined or connected.
Contours Product of Duets engraving stock sheet. Sold through distribution partners.
Copper A metal alloy option used for plaques or flat cut metal letters.
Copy Words or letters to be set in type. Desired words for a sign.
Corners The point or angle formed by the meeting of lines. Letters have inside and outside corners.
Corrosion To wear or be gradually worn away naturally or by some external element or contamination. 
Corrugation Sheet metal formed into repeating peaks and valleys used for siding on building. 
Custom Art representing letter styles, logos, or plaques that are not standard.
Custom Colors Colors that are not standard. May be painted or printed.



Word Definition
Decorative Stand-Off Two-part round anodized aluminum hardware designed to hold panels or plaques. 
Deposit Partial down payment on an order before production begins. 
Depth Measurement on a letter from the surface (face) to the back.
Descenders  Portions of letters that drop down or below the baseline of a font. Example: "g" or "y".
Detachable Stud Two-part anodized aluminum hardware designed to receive studs for installation. Typical in fab metal letters with LEDs to allow removal of cans for servicing LEDs.
Dimples Indentations formed in the face of letters due to softening of the plastic where a block or pad has been chemically bonded. 
Display Letters Letters designed for interior display use. This includes Gemleaf, Metal on Acrylic, Metal on Foam, and Acrylic on Foam.
Double Cup Pronto change arm head with two standard 3 3/4 inch cups. Sold through distribution partners. 
Double Rail  Letters mounted to two horizontal bars or channels (rails).
Double-Faced Tape Two-sided tape used to install smaller flat cut letters and plaques.
Download Electronic copying of computerized information from one source to a second. 
Drop Shadow Refers to a pronto letter style with a shadow effect that gives the image dimension. 
Drill and Tap Mechanically drill a hole in the back of a flat letter and then thread (tap) to receive a stud. 
Duets Gemini engraving stock. Sold through distribution partners.
DXF File Popular file format used to receive vectorized art electronically.



Word Definition
Edge Intersection of the face and return of a letter. Also refers to the return or side of a thin letter. 
Edge trim  Plastic profile extruded lengths used to bond to the edge of plastic letters used in channel letters. 
Elegance Formally known as Gemini's Trimless Fabricated Illuminated letters.
Enamel Generic term used for oil-based paint used to coat letters.
Engraving To produce by carving, cutting, or burning into a surface. 
EPS File A common electronic file format for custom art. 
Etched Insert A thin piece of metal that is chemically etched for either fine line art or half-tone photo etching, that cannot be tooled or cast as part of the plaque.
Etched Plaque (Chemical Etch) Our standard etched plaques are created with a metal plate and an acid chemical is applied to etch away exposed metal.
Etching Producing an image on a hard surface by corroding with a chemical. 
Extrusion Piece of plastic or metal that is produced by pushing molten material through a die. Pronto track, GemTrim, and sheet are made by extruding plastic through a die. 



Word Definition
Fabricated Produced by cutting and bonding pieces together.
Face Front surface of a letter. 
Face Lit LED illuminated letters that allow light to escape through a translucent face of plastic.
Fading Loss of pigmentation, paint, or plastic, through degradation of the colorant by UV light.
Feet Tabs on the bottom of Pronto letters. The feet keep the blanks from freezing on the track. 
Fillet A rounded corner between two surfaces.
Finish Final surface applied to the face of a letter. 
First Surface The face (or first surface) of a letter or logo.
Flat Cut Out Letters or logos cut out of flat sheet stock, by either routing, laser cutting, or waterjet cutting. 
Flash Bronze

A treated coating to make a silver metal appearance look more gold-like as if a bronze metal. While it is not an exact match to bronze metal coloring, it is a close representation.

Flat Relief Image  A 2D image, photo, or bitmap, that is redrawn as line art by Gemini.
Flange Lip around a formed letter that is used for installation. A flange is produced by routing out the letter and leaving a lip.
Flush Mount Mounting that allows a letter to be installed flat against a wall or surface (no stand-off). 
Foam Typically urethane, available in many formulations. 
Font Matching If art sizing flags the file as font matching, it means that the customer sent the lettering as live text instead of shapes, and the art sizer does not have the font installed on their computer, so the lettering will not display correctly. This is easily remedied by having the customer send the file again, with copy converted to curves or outlines. 
Formed Short for thermoformed plastic letters produced by heating and stretching plastic.



Word Definition
Garden Stake A freestanding mount option designed to hold up small plaques. 
Gate  Part of a sand mold used to allow metal to flow from the runner to the letter cavity. 
Gauge A measure of material thickness.
Gemex Registered trademark for Gemini's CAB sheet.
GemLeaf Display letter made with an acrylic base and laminated thin foil face, then laser cut. 
GemTrim Registered trademark name for extruded trim used to make channel letters. 
Gloss Luster, sheen, brightness. Reflects light vs. a matte finish that is dull or non-reflective. 



Word Definition
H-Bar Extruded lengths of aluminum track, used to hold Snap-Loks (discontinued 3/2022).
Hairline  A fine brushed, pre-finished metal used in fabricated metal. 
Hardware Components used for installing letters. 
Head Top of the pronto change arm used to hold a suction cup. Sold through distribution partners. 
Heat Deflection Measurement of the temperature at which plastic will begin to soften or droop.
Halo Lit LED illuminated letters that allow light to escape through a translucent plastic back. 
Hollow Wall Mount Using machine screws and toggle wings together for installation where there is hollow wall, such as drywall or corrugated metal surfaces.
Horizontal Direction grain on metal letter faces. Left to right or horizontally.



Word Definition
Impact Strength Measurement of the resistance of a material to an impact before breaking. 
Injection Molded Process of injecting or pushing molten plastic into a metal tool. Type of plastic letters produced by means of injection molding.
Inside Corner Inside angle formed by the meeting of two lines. 
Installation Hardware Components used to install letters. 
Installation Pattern Paper pattern with layout copy and stud hole locations. Used as a drilling template for installation. 
Italicized  Letter styles that slope to the right.



Word Definition
Kerning Artistic spacing of letters to balance space in a specific line of copy.
Kiln A heating enclosure used to melt molten metal or cure porcelain.
Kynar A trademarked process of applying PVDF to metal, to prevent corrosion. A substitute for a painted finish - not supplied by Gemini.



Word Definition
L-Bracket  Custom stainless bracket designed to hold metal studs used in fab metal letters. 
LED Light Emitting Diode. Small high-intensity lights are used to back or face light letters.
Laminate Letters Letters produced with a foil, Chemetal, or acrylic face over an acrylic or foam base. 
Lap Joint Overlapping joint used on larger or longer formed products to allow for the normal expansion and contraction of plastic, without distorting the material.
Laser Cut Letters are cut by using an intense light beam.
Laser Engraved Polished granite or anodized aluminum, engraved images or copy with a laser, then color filled.
Lead-Free Red metal that contains no lead.
Leatherette Leather grain background texture used in metal plaques.
Line Drawing A plot of letters or logos showing an outline of a copy.
Line Length Measurement of full-size letter copy, left to right with proper spacing.
Listed Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved product for finished lighted electrical signs.
Lug A metal clip used on the bottom of Snap-Lok letters for attachment to a rail. 
LUXE Formally known as Gemini's brand name for LED illuminated acrylic products.



Word Definition
Magnets Metal used to attract iron. Magnets are used to hold GemTrim when gluing to plastic faces. 
Masking A cover for the face of a plastic sheet. CAB is covered with poly masking.
Matte Finish A dull, non-reflective finish.
Mechanical Hand Device used to remove or change slotted letters on a marquee.
Memorial Plaque Plaques traditionally are used for installations at cemeteries, columbariums, or monuments.
Metal Laminate Letters made from a pre-finished, .030 aluminum sheet that is laminated to a base material such as acrylic or foam, then router cut.
Minnesota Letters Formerly known as our Injection Molded letters, made with CAB plastic, with square edges and corners. 
Mold(ed) Pattern used for the purpose of shaping a material such as plastic or metal, and retaining the shape.
Monuments A structure erected in remembrance of a person or event, or to display a name of a company.
Mountings(s) Blocks or lugs used to hold hardware for mounting letters 
Mounting Pattern Paper template used to determine hole locations for installation of letters with studs.



Word Definition
Natural Satin Smooth, uniform brushed finish on a metal letter, then coated with polyurethane. Replaced by brushed finish. 
Nave-G Lead free bronze alloy used in cast letters & plaques. 
Net Price Product of the list price less discount.
Nicker Tool used to notch our GemTrim when producing channel letter faces. Sold through distribution partners. 



Word Definition
Orbital Metal finish produced with a sander to produce random, non-directional finish.
Oxidation A chemical reaction between oxygen and red metal.

Treatment process used to age red metals, then slightly exposing red metal.



Word Definition
PMS "Pantone Matching System". System of matching custom colors, using PMS numbers. 
Pads Plastic injection molded disks or blocks, used for installing letters.
Paint Match Duplicating custom colors by matching samples, pantone matching system numbers, or paint company numbers. 
Panel Injection molded plastic piece that we screen pronto letters on.
Pantone A company that matches custom colors for painting and printing. Develops Pantone matching system numbers.
Patina A metal finish created by chemically treating red metals, such as bronze, to create a colored oxidized look. Red metals will naturally patina when exposed to heat and moisture. 
Pattern(s) Installation template used for locating holes to drill when installing letters with a stud. 
Pebble Texture Background texture available on metal plaques. Resembles bumps, or a rough, uneven finish. 
Perfect Pattern Gemini brand name for drill pattern designed with computer located exact hole locations. 
Photo Relief Gemini trademarked casting method where we create a low-relief casting either as a full relief (embedded text) or partial relief (non-embedded text) within the mold pattern. We can layer images, whether photos or other graphics and incorporate text. 
Pigmented Colorized material throughout an entire substrate.
Pitch Degree of slope of a roof. Angle needed when specifying brackets for free standing letters, mounting to a sloped roof.
Plain Mount No mounts, just a letter by itself.
Plex Short for Plexiglas - a name brand of acrylic not carried by Gemini.
Plotted Copy Computer generated, full size line drawing, showing outline of letters or logos. 
Pole Changearm component used to take flat changeable letters off a marquee, from the front. Sold through distribution partners. 
Polished To make smooth or glossy by buffing - nearly mirror reflective.
Polycarbonate High-impact plastic resin used in Pronto track or LED lit backs. Tradename of LEXAN. 
Polyester Synthetic resin used in our powder coating of metal products. 
Polymer Plastic chemical compound formed by the union of small molecules.
Polyurethane A polymer used mainly in coatings. Our main liquid sprayed paint is acrylic polyurethane.
Post Cap Mount Casting a plaque with an integral blade and round cap to allow installation on top of a round pipe/post for freestanding mounting. 
Post Type F Mount A square post with holes drilled near the top will allow for a bracket that is attached to the back of a plaque to sit on the post at either a 45-degree or 90-degree angle.
Pouring Molten aluminum and bronze is poured into sand casting to make letters or plaques.
Powder Coating Paint coating process using powdered paint, then baking to a hardened finish.
Power Supply Power convertor used in signs lit with LEDs.
Precision Exact, precise. Our flat cut metal letters are defined as precision cut. 
Precision Tooled Plaque Utilizing a machine (CNC) and tools to route into metal plate.
Premium Finish Superior metal finish, produced to tighter standards than standard finishes. Designed for interior installs or displays.
Primer Base coating used to help bond paint to substrates. 
Prismatic Face surface that comes to a point and forms a prism. Available in cast metal, formed plastic, and injection molded letters.
Projection To extend forward or outward. Mountings that stand out from the back are projected.
Projected Date Estimated date for order shipment, based on current lead times and product.
Profile Extrusion Process of forcing or pushing molten plastic continuously through a custom metal die. 
Pronto Registered trade name for injection molded flat changeable letters. Sold through distribution partners.
Pronto Track Profile extruded acrylic track used to hold pronto letters. Sold through distribution partners. 
Punctuation Characters used to break up lines of text. Example: periods, commas, etc.
Push Through  Letters designed to push-through cut out panels. 
Purging To remove other colors from the injection molded plastic. It is purged, or removed from the machine when changing resin or color. 
Pylon Large tower used to hold sign or billboard sign 



Word Definition
Quoting Estimating or calculating a price for a customer. 



Word Definition
RMA Return Material Authorization number.
Raceway Horizontal rail used to hold letters and electrical components for lighted
signs. Used mainly with Channel letters. Not supplied by Gemini.
Radius Circular area connecting two points. Half of the diameter of a circle.
Rail  Plastic or metal bar used to mount letters to for installation.
Random Arc  Metal sanded finish, with DA sander, to produce random arcs or swirls in metal. 
Random Orbital Finish A finish that is created with the use of a hand-held orbital sander.   
Ratchet  A bar with slanted teeth to allow for adjusting and re-tightening of a pronto change arm head. Gemini's ratchets are cast aluminum. Sold through distribution partners. 
Raw Metal letters without any finish. Letters are cut, cleaned, and ready for a finish to be applied. 
Recycle Reuse material verses disposing of it.
Red Metals Metal alloys that contain copper such as copper, bronze, and brass.
Refinish To finish again. Metal letters are refinished if the letters are stripped down re-sanded, and re-coated. 
Registration  Placement or alignment of printed Pronto letter on a plastic panel. 
Regular Lug Stnd.lug (or letter clip) used on snap-lok letters. Discontinued 3/2022.
Reships To ship out again. We will enter reships on letters if the customer received the wrong or damaged product. 
Resin Raw plastic pellets used to make letters or sheet when melted down and reformed.
Resin Bond Brand name of adhesive used to glue plastic to plastic.

Side of letter, measured as depth.

Reverse Cut  Letters or logos cut out of panels and the finished product is the panel.
Rigid Urethane Hardened dense foam laminated to acrylic of metal laminate. 
Rivets A two-part nylon bolt with a push pin used to attach pronto track to panels. 
Rosettes Decorative covers for screw heads for plaques.
Rouge Rubbing compound used as the final step in polishing metal letters.
Round Face Refers to letters with a radius face that make the letter look rounded.
Router Machine that cuts out flat sheet using a high-speed metal router bit, controlled by vectorized computer artwork.



Word Definition
Sample Kits Boxes with an assortment of letter products that Gemini sells. 
Sand Blasted High-pressure press of metal letters that leave a slight pebble texture on the returns. Evens out the sanding and routing marks.
Sand Mold Metal molding process using wooden patterns and hardened sand to make cast aluminum and bronze letters.
San Serif Block style letter with square outside radius on the letter(s) Helvetica is a block style letter - NO serifs. 
Satin A sheen level between full gloss and matte typically achieved by applying paint to the product. 
Scaling Art Using a ruler to determine the size of components in an art file. 
Screen Printed A thin gauge plate product processing onto pre-finished/coated metal blanks.
Script  Type of letter stylized to resemble handwriting.
Sculpted Mold that has been hand carved with multiple levels and detail. 
SDS "Safety Data Sheet" - formerly MSDS. Document that identifies potentially hazardous materials.
Serif Type of letter style that has tails on the legs of letters. Example: Times Bold style has serifs
Sets A predetermined mix of letters, as with Pronto where a customer can order a set of 100 letters. Sold through distribution partners. 
Shadow Free Threaded metal block designed to receive threaded studs. Blocks are glued to fab metal letters with epoxy. 
Shop Drawing Technical drawing showing the requirements for a sign. Includes the letter style, copy, mounting, finish, type, sizes, and manufacture. 
Silicone Adhesive or sealant is used to install our letters onto walls.
Sintra Closed cell PVC board (sheet) used in Sign Industry - not sold by Gemini. 
Slotted A & B Dimensional formed letters (Slotted A) with predetermined slots on the back used to hold the letters on a track - or Slotted B (Injection Molded). Discontinued 3/2022.
Snap-Lok Dimensional-formed letters with clips and hooks on the back are used to hold them on a track. Typical old theater letters. Discontinued 3/2022.
Spacing Tape-Guide  Paper guide with marks showing the spacing of a specific line of copy. Used to help install pad mounted or plain dimensional letters.
Spacers Metal sleeves used on metal studs to space letters off the wall. 
Split Stencil  Partial cut-out of a Flat Cut letter guide for use with the installation of plain or double-faced tape letters. 
Spray Masking Sprayed on thin plastic used to cover letters or logos when custom painting. 
Sprue Final pathway for molten plastic to flow into a metal mold with injection molded letters. 
Square Describing a letter face that is flat with sharp edges and corners. 
Stainless Steel  Silver metal made from iron ore that will resist rusting. 
Stand-off Length of a stud or pad beyond the back of a letter. Example: Stud with 1" standoff will have a stud extending 1" past the back of the letter.
Stencil Guide Cutout of letter(s) in paper, to be used as an installation guide. Plain and double-faced tape mounts. 
Storage Cabinet  Plastic or wooden box used to organize and hold pronto letters. Sold through distribution partners. 
Strips Plastic pieces 1 1/2 inch wide used as rails for installation.
Stock A product that is in inventory ready for use or shipment.
Stroke Measurement of the shortest distance on the face of a letter from one edge to another
Stroke Sand Belt sanding of metal pieces in a uniform direction with a set grit.
Stud Threaded rod used to install metal and plastic letters by screwing into drilled and taped material or threaded stud bosses or blocks. 
Stud Boss Threaded sleeve used to receive a stud on the back of a letter.
Stud/Brick Studs aligned for standard brick spacing of 2 5/8 inch on center. Allows installers to drill into the mortar joint of bricks instead of the brick itself.
Stud/Block Studs in line for Block, 8 inch center mortar on standard blocks. Allows installers to drill into the mortar join of blocks instead of the block itself.
Stud/Rail  Studs in line for Rail. Standard two rails for letters up to 18 inch, larger get three rails. 
Stud Weld Mechanical welding of studs or bosses to the backs of letters. Mainly used on 1/8 inch thick letters or plaques that cannot be drilled and tapped.
Styles Character set with distinct designs and typeface.
Sublimated A thin gauge plate product utilizing special coated metal blanks. The process of using heat and pressure will result in transferred art to the blanks.
Swing Frame Buffing machine designed to buff or polish large pieces of metal. Hangs or swings from a cable and is moved by an operator with handles.
Symbols A character or representation of a group or organization with plastic or metal. 



Word Definition
Tactile Brand type of our Duets engraving stock sheet. Sold through distribution partners.
Tarnish To make or become dull or discolored. 
Technical Guides Guides that provide technical information on products.
Textured Background A texture is applied to the recessed areas of precision tooled and cast plaques.
Thermoform Process of heating (softening) thermoplastic sheet and reshaping. 
Thermoplastic Plastics that can repeatedly softened by elevated heating and hardening by cooling.
Thin Gauge Plates A multiple production process that can be applied to pre-finished thin plates of metal.  
Thinner Solvent used to chemically bond plastics together, or thin oil based paint.
Tie Back  A support usually made of metal affixed to the back of letters that are standing vertically on a building or roof line or with a bottom stud mount.
Tilde Accent symbol.
Tin A soft white chemical element used in bronze and brass.
Tool Precision made mold used to run plastic injection molded parts as well as metal letters.
Track Long pieces of plastic or metal used to hold letters onto a building or sign face. Pronto track holds pronto letters.
Tracking Number Identification reference used to find or track an order.
Translucent Plastic that allows some light to pass through.
Transparent Plastic that allows you to see through, as with glass.
Trim Leftover scrap after fabricating a part. Short for "edge trim", or GemTrim, used to provide a trim on channel faces to allow attachment to cans.
Trimcap Another word for GemTrim. Trim for channel letter faces. 



Word Definition
UL Underwriters Laboratory. UL tests compliance of electrical signs and products. 
UL Certified Electrical products or components that have been tested and approved for lighting by UL.
UL Listing Electrical products or components that have been tested and approved for lighting by UL.
Ultimates Duets engraving stock sheet. Sold through distribution partners.
Uppercase Letter Equivalent An uppercase equivalent is the approximate size of what the corresponding uppercase letter would be for a set of letters that contains only lowercase letters.
UR Electrical components that have been tested and approved for use in making UL Listed or Certified products.
Urethane Foam Dense foam used in Gemini Foam Letters. 
UV Ultraviolet. Relates to UV protected plastic that prevents fading of colors and degradation of plastic or metal finishes, when exposed to UV sun rays.
UV Colorlast Finishing process for multi-color logos and letters. UV Colorlast is a combination of mask and painting and UV print. Previous processes known as Giclee, High Resolution Print, and UV Print. 
UV Cured Ultraviolet cured, water base ink used to screen Pronto letters. 
UV Printed Insert Taking a thin piece of metal and applying a UV Colorlast printed image (similar to the direct print) and adhered the insert onto a cast plaque. 



Word Definition
Vectorized  Related to vectorized art that has control points with connecting lines.
Vertical Stroke Sanding metal letter or logo faces in a vertical direction (from top to bottom) with a uniform grain.
Visibility Chart Reference chart used to determine the size of letters needed on a sign that can be viewed from a given distance.
Visible Opening Opening between Pronto track pieces, as a guide for proper spacing. 



Word Definition
Waterjet Cutting Process of cutting flat metal sheet with a high pressured stream of water carrying garnet.
Watts Unit of power, corresponding to the power in an electric circuit.
Webbing  Thermoforming problem whereas the plastic "webs" over a tight crotch of a letter. 
Weep Holes UL required 1/4 inch holes in the drops of lit letters, to allow any collected water to drain out.
Weld-on  Brand name of an adhesive manufacturer.