Faux Neon Face and Side Lit G-500 Product Specifications, Mounting, and Installation


What materials make faux neon letters? 

Our faux neon letters are made of UV-stable, recyclable plastic. 

Min/Max Heights 

How big can faux neon letters and logos be? 

Faux neon letters can be up to 24 inches in single pieces. 

How small can faux neon letters and logos be? 

These letters can be as small as 6 inches.  


How thick can faux neon letters and logos be? 

Faux neon letters come in four thicknesses dependent on the size, shape, and stroke width. 


Can faux neon letters be made with custom fonts? 

Customers can provide custom fonts and vector art for the faux neon letters and logos. We also have a selection of standard fonts to choose from if custom logos or vector art is not required. 

Note: Faux neon letters come with a flat return. 

  • Lowercase letters are 90% of the corresponding uppercase price
  • Small punctuation marks, such as commas, periods, or dashes, are 33% of the uppercase letter price


What finishes are available for faux neon letters? 

Faux neon letters come with translucent letter faces and returns. These letters have several face color options for your made-to-order signage.

Note: These letters cannot be painted.


Face Color Options

G500-white_dusk G500-yellow_dusk G500-red_dusk G500-red-orange_dusk

LED White (1838)


LED Yellow (1800) LED Red (1893) LED Red-Orange (1862)
G500.-orange_dusk G500-lite-blue_dusk G500-blue_dusk G500-green_dusk
LED Orange (1819) LED Light Blue (1848) LED Blue (1860) LED Green (1808)

    Install Environment 

    Where can faux neon letters be installed? 

    Our faux neon letters are for interior or exterior applications.  

    What are the mounting options for faux neon letters?

    Note: Every order comes with standard mounting and pattern for a seamless installation. 


    g-500 mounting Studs with Stud Blocks and Spacers: The mount includes threaded blocks solvent-bonded to the letter back to receive a 10-24 stud. A silicone adhesive is applied to the studs and into the drilled holes at installation. The price listed includes a drill pattern.

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