Cast Plaques Product Specifications, Mounting, and Installation


What materials are available for cast plaques?  

Cast plaques are available in two metal materials. Our alloys are lead- and mercury-free.

Gemini-Alum-Sand-Plq Aluminum (Alloy 365) 
Gemini-Brnz-Nat-Satin Bronze (Alloy NAVY-G-88-8-04)  

Min/Max Heights 

How big can cast plaques be?  

Cast plaques can be up to 96 inches in width.  

  • Aluminum cast plaques can be as big as 60 inches by 96 inches or 5,760 sq. inches. 
  • Cast bronze plaques can be up to 36 inches by 96 inches or 3,456 sq. inches. 

How small can cast plaques be? 

Cast plaques can be as small as 2 inches by 2 inches. 


What thicknesses are available for cast plaques?  

The depth of a plaque is determined by plaque size. Additional depths greater than 1 inch are available.

Depth Plaque Size
5/16 inch deep Up to 323 sq. inches
1/2 inch deep Between 324 sq. inches - 575 sq. inches
3/4 inch deep Between 576 sq. inches - 1295 sq. inches
1 inch deep Between 1296 sq. inches - 2304 sq. inches and larger


Can cast plaques be made with a border? 

Cast plaques can be forged with or without a border. We have twelve standard border designs and allow for custom designs. 

Note: Custom cast non-sculpted border designs are $66 (US) or $88 (CND). 

Background Colors 

What background colors can I have on a cast plaque?  

Cast plaque backgrounds can be painted in a selection of standard paint colors or with your custom paint color. 

Note: Our standard plaque paint colors have a satin finish. 

Background Textures  

What background textures are there for a cast plaque?  

We have five background textures for cast plaques.

Note: Background textures are available in each metal material.

Leatherette Stipple Sand Pebble Classic-Leather-finish_ALT


Maximum dimension of 84 inches







Classic Leather

28 by 48 inches maximum 


What finishes are available for cast plaque? 

Cast plaques offer a selection of standard and specialty finish options for your made-to-order plaque. 

  • For cast bronze plaques only
    • +50% for a polished face. Size limitations apply.
    • +20% for a polished beveled edge. Restrictions apply based on shape, size, and border choice. 
    • +15% for an oxidized (chemical) finish. Maximum plaque size of 29 inches by 29 inches. 
    • An alternative oxidized finish is available for larger sizes than chemical oxidizing. 
  • For cast aluminum plaques only
    • +50% for a buffed face. Size limitations apply. 
    • +20% for a buffed beveled edge. Restrictions apply based on shape, size, and border choice. 
    • +15% for a flash bronze coated aluminum. Interior applications only. Not available for PhotoRelief or sculpted plaques. 


Can cast plaques be made with custom fonts?  

We have a standard selection of fonts for cast plaques. Custom fonts can be cast with size and stroke restrictions. Request a quote through Partner Portal

Note: Custom fonts, logos, and line art require a customer-supplied clean vector art file. Unedited, native high-res photo files are required for portraits and images. 

Portrait and Image Options 

What image options are available for a cast plaque? 

We have six portrait and image options to showcase your design. 

Install Environment 

Where can I install cast plaques? 

Cast plaques are for interior or exterior applications.

Note: Some specialty finishes may be available for interior use only. See our Plaque Warranty for more information.

What mounting options are there for cast plaques? 

We have several mounting options for cast plaques.  

Surface Mounts

Plaques installed on stucco require spacers on studs.

BlindMount SolidWallMount HollowWall WoodWall ThruHole
Blind Mount Solid Wall Mount Hollow Wall Mount Wood Wall Mount

Thru Hole Mount

No mounting hardware included

Stake Mounts


Garden Stake Mount 

Up to two stakes are available for a single plaque. The minimum plaque height required is 4 inches. The maximum plaque size for a garden stake mount is 12 inches by 8 inches for one stake or 20 inches by 8 inches for two stakes. Machine screws through 5/16-inch thick black stakes are placed into the back of the plaque.


Post Mount

A post mount includes black coated aluminum brackets attached to the back of the plaque by machine screws. The square black coated aluminum post bolted into the aluminum bracket is at a 45˚ or 90˚ angle.  Plaques over 24 inches wide require two posts.

A 1-inch post is on a 4-inch by 6-inch bracket.  A 1-1/2 inch post is on a 5-inch by 7-inch bracket.  A 2-inch post is on a 6-inch by 8-inch bracket.

Post Mounts


Post Cap Mount

Cast as part of an aluminum or bronze plaque, the post cap mount is designed to fit on 1 1/2 in, 2-inch, or 3-inch inside diameter (ID) scheduled 40 posts. Available on most custom plaques, single-or double-sized, up to 900 sq. inches at a 1/2 in depth. The posts are either galvanized or painted the plaque background color with a radius, angled, or ogee blade. A radius angle is standard (shown) -  angle and ogee blades are also available.


Square Post Side Mount

The square post side mount provides a free-standing plaque mount for plaques over 900 sq. inches. A copy can be applied to the front and back. For plaques with a front copy only, the backs are finished. Plaques can be double-sided. Using two steel posts, plaques can be free-standing. Posts are available in 2 x 2 inch, 3 x 3 inch, or 4 x 4 inch, depending on plaque size. The square post side mount is a complete mounting system that includes the posts and hardware necessary for the installation. Assembly requires hand tools and can be mounted at the job site. Add the pricing from the table below to your plaque price. Cast plaques only.


Square Post Back Mount

The square post back mount is designed to provide a free-standing plaque mount for single-sided applications. Plaques up to 36 sq ft can be free-standing by using two or three steel posts. Steel posts are 2 x 2 inch, 3 x 3 inch, or 4 x 4 inch. The square post back mount is a complete in-ground system that includes the posts and hardware necessary for the installation. Optional base plates for surface mounting are available. Assembly only requires hand tools and can be done at the job site.

Post Mount Sizing

Post Cap Mount Sizing

Max. Plaque Size

Blade Width

Post Cap Height

Post Cap

Schd. 40 Pipe I.D.

16 inch x 24 inch 10 inch 3 1/2 inch 2 inch 1 1/2 inch
24 inch x 30 inch 12 inch 4 3/4 inch 2 1/2 inch 2 inch
30 inch x 3 inch 18 inch 6 1/2inch 3 5/8 inch 3 inch


Square Post Side Mount and Square Post Back Mount

Post Size Max. Plaque Size
2 inch x 2 inch 1,512 sq/inch
3 inch x 3 inch 2,160 sq/inch
4 inch x 4 inch 5,040 sq/inch

Tip: We offer rosettes. Learn more about them here.


  • Oversized shipping charges apply for 8-foot posts
  • Plaque size with dimensions 36 inches to 79.9 inches will have oversized shipping charges applied
  • Plaque size dimensions 80 inches or larger have no guaranteed ground freight

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